This amazingly beautiful Whispering Springs wedding (ah, yes, here I go, SEO) was a bit of an odd one. You look at these two, and you see how gorgeous they are, and then they tell you THEY DON’T REALLY WANT TO POSE FOR A LOT OF PHOTOS WHAT. They give you, like, 15 mins to do formal portraits of them and they’re SO done with it at the end, and you’re like, guys, why aren’t you about 1000x more vain than this? I don’t understand. But they aren’t. Jessie and Brett are, somehow, the kindest, most loving young couple maybe ever.

Jessie takes care of her brother, Daniel, who has special needs, on a full-time basis. It’s her job, but it’s also her passion. He’s her best friend (next to Brett), which is why he was right up there while she got married, as her Man of Honour.

A quote from Jessie

(and it’s been shared on instagram by a lot of wedding accounts and liked over 100k times):

“I had the honour of my Brother Daniel being my Man of Honour at my wedding ✨ For me it was such a special moment knowing that my Brother was next to me while I marry my best friend! A moment I will always cherish! I’m not going to lie. . . Being Daniel’s sister hasn’t always been the easiest. Life with Daniel has been full of struggles. But honestly all the struggles are worth it because my Brother Daniel is the most amazing gift God could have given our family! Just remember life is FULL of struggles & they suck sometimes but they are there to help you become the person you are destined to be! Don’t ever give up because there is beauty in all shitty situations.”

STOP CRYING. ‘Cause you weren’t even there when she talked about him during her speech, and about how Brett helps take care of him too, lovingly. YOU WEREN’T EVEN THERE (at this WHISPERING SPRINGS WEDDING TAG FOR GOOD SEO). Unless you’re one of the guests who actually was there. If you are that, well, you know what a tear-jerker it was.

This wedding did not have any alpacas at it

A Whispering Springs wedding (lololol) does not necessarily have alpacas. This one is no exception; there were no alpacas at this wedding. Unless you count the cake toppers, which you’ll see in the pictures. It’s really not important at all to note that there weren’t any alpacas at this wedding. But FYI, we did Jessie and Brett’s engagement photos at an alpaca farm and it was amazing. We should do more shoots at alpaca farms. I think that’s about all.

Whispering Springs Wedding lol

Venue: Whispering Springs

Dress: Hayley Paige

Hair: Allison at Mystic Roots

Headpiece: Tara Fava