This Century Barn wedding in Cavan had breakdancing. So. That’s basically all I need to say, right?

I FRIGGIN’ WISH. But If I ever want anybody to find this damn post, I’ll have to come up with a bunch of content that nobody will actually read probably. So I’mma write some stuff about Shamar (bride) and Jamie (groom)’s wedding day with probably a *lot* of segues.

K, so there’s actually so much I could say about these amazing beautiful people, and I’m not sure where to start, so maybe we’ll just talk about how much Filipinos party? Shamar had all these family members from LA and various other cities, and they were all dressed SO GD FRESH and it was hilarious to see them in a BARN. They were all like, “a barn? a wedding in a barn?” …but then they saw it. And I guess it’s fair to not assume that a wedding in a barn will be so glorious. But when it’s a Century Barn wedding… well, CB knows how to do a wedding. And Filipinos apparently know how to breakdance.

And so comes the first segue

You might be like, “Sara, not all Filipinos know how to breakdance and like to party”, but I’m gonna argue with you on that one because so far all of the ones I know do. And I know, like, 50 now, because I did two weddings with Flips this year. I mean, I live in Cobourg and I only know white people outside of when I go to work :'(  I sincerely hope Mat doesn’t read this because he might try to make me take this paragraph down, but it’s TRUE and now I know for sure that I wish I knew more FiliFolk, ’cause frig they’re fun. Before this year, the only ones I knew were my friend Myla from college and her twin sister. I definitely knew they were fantastic people (dry and sarcastic like me, but also lovely in their way), but I didn’t know it was so much because of their Filipino heritage. Don’t try to tell me they’re just good people. I want to put them in a box. Leave me alone. FILIPINOS ARE AWESOME ALL OF THEM.

Sidenote (with another heading, for readability according to Yoast)

I just asked Myla from college if I the previous paragraph is hilarious or racist. She didn’t say either way (though she has since confirmed that her belief is in the hilarity), but she did say that she hates being put in a box that infers everyone in the box is nice. So. I guess not all Filipinos are nice, MYLA. And probably not all of them love Jesus, either (MYLA), but these ones did.

Ok, one more word about Myla not being that nice — when we were in said college, we had this other friend who we affectionately called Bunny (his name was Chris and I have no idea how we got to Bunny, but it happened) and one day he asked me out, and told me that he had also been thinking about asking out Myla BUT THAT HE THOUGHT I WAS MORE LIKELY TO SAY YES BECAUSE SHE’S MEANER HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Flattery will get you everywhere, Bun! But actually I turned that one down a little bit, because obviously.

But back to the real subject – the Century Barn Wedding.

Sooooo, when you look through the pics of this CENTURY BARN WEDDING (which I have to keep mentioning very fucking specifically for SEO) you’ll notice lots of mega cute little gals and guys, one of whom (who? which? what?) is Shamar’s daughter and is absolute BESTIES with Jamie. Their relationship made me cry all day.

You’ll notice a moment when Shamar, who got ready in the bridal area offered to brides when they have a CENTURY BARN WEDDING (lol I’m sorry) saw herself in the phone or mirror of the makeup artist or something and was like OMG SHUT THE FRONT DOOR (not a direct quote) because she looked so effin gorgeous she couldn’t believe it.

You’ll notice groomsmen letting the best man roll down the very fucking steep hill in his wheelchair (major injury right before the wedding yay) and realizing maybe someone should get him.

You will also notice breakdancing, obviously, and the classic Money Dance which I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT PREVIOUSLY shit.

I bet you’ll notice a bunch of other things too, but I’m like, really done with making things up now, so bye.

Also, CENTURY BARN WEDDING. for good measure. And furthermore, Century Barn Wedding! Because Century Barn wedding, that’s why. Oh, and also Cobourg Wedding photographer! Don’t forget Cobourg Wedding Photographer. We’re that. We love you Century Barn! Here’s a link for even BETTER SEO! https://www.facebook.com/CenturyBarnWeddings/

Thanks/Sorry for reading! Now here’s too many pics.