I hope you’re not expecting a fancy contact form that you can just easily submit, because you will not find one here. Why, you ask? Because THEY BREAK AND YOUR INQUIRIES GET LOST IN CYBERSPACE FOREVER and we miss out on our beautiful relationship. Scroll down for a copy+paste list of questions to which I will want answers should you be wanting to book us for your wedding.

If you love email: and CC

If email is *not* your jam: 

add me as a friend and send me a message on facebook, noting before you get into it that I very openly love queer folk and hate white privilege and am basically a socialist so that’s what you’ll find there:

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I do. not. ignore. emails. or messages. so if I’ve ever ignored one of your emails or messages, I DIDN’T ACTUALLY IGNORE YOUR EMAIL OR MESSAGES. I just didn’t get ’em and that makes me real’ sad. Try again! It’ll be worth it!

Wedding Inquiry Template:

Where and when is your wedding? If you don’t have a date yet, ballpark month, season, year, whatever is better than nothing.

Are you a bride, groom, other?

Who are you marrying?!

Where do y’all live?

What are your favourite foods (you can pick 2 each if 1 is too hard)(okay fine 3)?

Pineapple on pizza?

Are y’all having a big wedding or a bitty wedding?

How’d you find us?

Which of these things describe you as a couple? Delete the ones that don’t resonate and add any extras you want and note that I’m just trying to get a feel for who you are as people: Weird, Cute, Sweet, Loving, Romantic, PDA Averse, PDA Lovers, Awkward, Models, Poop-with-the-door-open, Women Do Not Poop, Funny, Serious, Goddamned Hippies, Conservative, Virgins, Absolute Heathens, Introverts, Party Animals, Poly, Gymrats, Fuck The Gym, Fuck At The Gym

What are your favourite movies or shows?

What is it about us that makes you think you want us at your wedding? Is it that you like our work, or just that you think we’re so hot?

What kinda coverage do you think you’re looking for? Like, hourly, or one of our packages? Y’all don’t have to decide now. Just looking to get a sense of what you think you want.

Please tell me where I can creep you online if such a place exists – facebook, instagram, … I mean, I’ll even take a linkedin.

Cool thanks!