So a Distillery Loft Wedding was actually not James and Melissa’s first choice, but when their original plans started falling through and they found out The Loft was available (I don’t remember how close it was but it was definitely within 6 months of the wedding date. for the sake of adding drama though, I’m gonna say it was like 2 months), they were a little pumped. Not to say that their original venue wasn’t great (and don’t you try to get me to name it because I WON’T) but like come onnnn DISTILLERY!!! YAAAAAS!

Like we do with most of our apprehensive-about-engagement-pictures clients, we talked Melissa and James into a super low-key engagement shoot in their hometown of Oshawa (at their house, their favourite coffee shop, and a local park), which they were somewhat nervous for. AND THEN. See exhibits A and B:

It went REALLY REALLY WELL and got all parties even more excited for the wedding day. I could easily post 50 of my favourites from that shoot, but that just isn’t what this post is about. ANOTHER DAY.

Melissa and James are the kind of people who are always, ALWAYS smiling and laughing. You’ll notice this throughout the rest of this blog post — I didn’t just pick the smiliest photos. Like. They were *all* like that. This day was full of laughing and crying and more laughing and more crying, and it wasn’t just between Melissa and James. Their entire wedding party was this beautifully sweet and close and hilarious group that totally just fed off of each other all damn day long. On top of that greatness, We *loved* the venue, so I desperately hope we get to shoot another Distillery Loft wedding, like, ASAP.

Here’s a rundown of the day:

They got ready at The George (lol vacant student residence) with the always-lovely Makeup by Morgan and then we headed to the Distillery District for some pics and other pre-ceremony shenanigans. They signed the papers BEFORE the ceremony while having a few delicious drinks (not so many that they couldn’t legally get married, let’s be clear) at Mill Street Brew Pub where Melissa’s bestie “Mander” cried AGAIN (it wasn’t the first time and it wouldn’t be the last – i LOVE her and everything extra she brought to the beautiful day)  Then it was over to The Loft for the ceremony! Then it was food and more drinks leading up to the amazing Professors of Funk getting the whole room dancing their FACES off. AMAZING.

A blog post on matandsara.com would feel kinda wrong without some gratuitous cursing, and I haven’t partaken in any yet, so…

fuckshit. goddamn cockballs. tits also.

This is James and Melissa’s Distillery Loft wedding byeeeeeeee

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