This Gores Landing Wedding started at Monique’s family’s home — one I’d driven by hundreds of times over the years by the lake and marvelled at each time. “I wonder what fancy-ass people live in that beauty?” I’d ask myself.


What happened in the house was mostly the usual getting ready stuff, but Monique’s dress was so fucking delicate and beautiful looking (like her, ugh) and she held my baby. So. Good start to the day even though it was hotter than a ball sack in a crock pot. Like, the hottest day in the history of the world.

Humidity was at 6000%. Fact. Do your research.

Mo’s sister Meag did her makeup (BANG-UP JOB, SISTER. A+) and cried a lot. Pretty great.  

The dudes did their get ready thing at this place north of Port Hope, and I forget the name of it but it was epic and I think it’s been sold. So I don’t know if it’s like, rentable anymore. Crazy view of Rice Lake. I basically didn’t include any pictures of it because it just isn’t as beautiful as the PEOPLE IN THIS WEDDING. This Gores Landing Wedding. *ahem* *SEO*


Again, epic spot. Again, not rentable. SORRY. But also not sorry because now it’s like, exclusively ours to photograph that one time way back when. Fancy. Pantsy. The Gores Landing Wedding (sorry, SORRY), was held on a private property in the middle of miscellaneous farmers fields and kind of in front of like, a gorge thing. Or is it called a gully? I’m going to ask google. One moment. *asks google*

I’m still not 100% sure but I’m gonna say it’s a gorge.

The trees through it were so big and old and glorious and somehow reminded me of Africa. No, I haven’t been to Africa, but they look like trees I’d expect to see in a savannah from my limited experience with photos and videos of Africa. You’ll see that regardless it looked very fucking cool, and they made it even cooler with rugs and string lights and stuff. Just go look.

Also blah blah blah Monique and Mackenzie are super in love and so sweet and adorable and beautiful and handsome and I love them and I wish we were friends but they live in the mountains of British Columbia and here I am in Cobourg. Byeee