This post is NOT about a Cobourg wedding, but we ARE Cobourg Wedding Photographers, so we really want the relevant parties to find this post and our website. As such, I am putting the words “Cobourg Wedding” and the like in this post a VERY annoying number of times. For that, I apologize RIGHT meow.

This past November 2017, Mat and I were lucky enough to head out to Perth, Australia for our second (omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg) wedding there (probably last, too, wah). My best friend slash twin Nikki was getting married to her FIRST EVER BOYFRIEND, and no, he wasn’t a highschool sweetheart… she literally just didn’t have her first boyfriend until she was in her mid 20s. Chris was like 20 or 12 or something ridiculous and I have spent many days heckling Nikki as a cradle robber. So that’s that.

As you may know, Mat and I live the teensy town of Cobourg, Ontario, and would mostly prefer to shoot Cobourg Weddings (and by that I mean semi-local, like within a couple hours drive). You know, for convenience. But there’s something special about Australia. Is it the cool factor? The heat? The kangaroos? I dunno. But we went and it was SO BALLER (I don’t know if that’s the right word at all but I really like to say that things are baller when I think they’re cool).

I have a lot to say about this wedding, but I feel like my info will be more meaningful if you kinda read it more like captions with the relevant photos nearby, so I’mma kinda caption these bitches, and you can see what I mean. Be warned though — things got sloppy, a groomsman mooned another wedding party across a field in a public park in front of a children’s playground, and Mat did a shot behind the bar with the bar owner. So. Good luck have fun everyone, at this furthest-thing-from a Cobourg Wedding. *cough* COBOURG WEDDING *cough*

ONE LAST THING: I’ve just completed the post and I’m adding in this note – this post is a combination of hilarity, heckling, sarcasm, and actual beautiful photographs. BECAUSE THAT’S HOW I LIKE TO DO. kk time for pics.

Chris and his dudes started at this baller (there it is again) barber shop where they serve you food and alcohol while they blackmask your blackheads and shave yo face and stuff:

Cobourg Wedding Venue

So while the dudes were getting pampered hard, the ladies were at Nikki’s parents’ place where the oldest sister Sarah made beautiful platters of food (including sushi mmmmmm).

and i took awkward, secret selfies with the bride. oh, did i mention i was *in* this wedding? Because I WAS IN THIS WEDDING.

Cobourg Wedding Photographer

groomsman luke smouldered. chris laughed it off.

i selfied so i could be in the getting ready pics. it was like… sort of successful?

cobourg wedding

Luke smouldered again… and sprayed himself in the eyes a little bit.

when your sister is beautifully putting your veil in and your dad walks into the shot with no pants on

fuckers weren’t supposed to open the champagne until *after* the ceremony. WHATEVER THO water under the bridge i guess.

cobourg wedding

and then he saw her.

cobourg wedding cobourg wedding cobourg wedding cobourg wedding

moms love their boys. i know this to be factual. dunno what’s gonna happen when my boy tries to marry somebody. mama might have to cut a bitch.

proud mum of the bride! i love this woman so much.

cobourg wedding

so i don’t remember what was so funny at this point, however,

this was the time that chris’s stepmum refused to take off her sunglasses and i told her, “ok, i’ll just photoshop you out”. i feel like i might not be so bold if the clients weren’t my best friend and her new husband, but also, who knows? Like, FFS lake just take them off. it isn’t your day, damnit.


and then, the soon-to-be-fired groomsman, as i said, mooned another wedding party right next to a children’s park. because class.  *insert crylaugh emoji*

he was all “WAIT UP GUYS” and we was all “he’s not with ussssssssssssss…byeeeee”

a short but quiet break at the hotel.


luke… what?

the two groomsmen’s speeches were …


i ate food, like i do.

their venue location was okay.


straight up party time. here’s where it got real.

the scene outside, at Mister Walker. UGH. SO damn nice.

my favourite thing about going through mat’s pictures is always the reception. people get a little bit of alcohol in their systems and suddenly mat is their best friend and they’re posing and being ridiculous right into his lens. WHY DON’T THEY DO THAT FOR ME? thank goodness for mat!

so once the bride started doing shots with the bar owner,

and mat started taking selfies

and people started singing louder than the very loud music, i knew the night was a great photographic success.


then nikki went behind the bar and served her own beer. lol. LOL. bar owner’s just like “k whatev”

nvm he wasn’t indifferent at all.  HE LOVED IT

some guy wanted a selfie with me, and i was like “omg i’m approachable YAY”

Oh… oh no. Oh MAT WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! MAT … MATTTTTT okay I guess it is almost closing time. I guess you’ve taken enough pictures. Okay. Do shots with the owner.

AND THEN people started falling backwards off the bar

and falling asleep on the patio furniture!

Goodnight, Australia.